Class MarkupOut

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    MarkupEmbed, MarkupEngineOut, MarkupField, MarkupText

    public class MarkupOut
    extends TextMarkupBase
    This class exists for historical purposes. It exists in the class hierarchy between TextMkBase and TextMarkupEngineOut, but provides no additional value. While there are implementations of some virtual methods, they do nothing. We may eventually remove this class. Please don't extend it.

    For more information, please see the extenral documentation.

    • Method Detail

      • text

        public void text​(java.lang.String sText)
        Description copied from class: TextMarkupBase
        Add text to the rich text representation.
        Specified by:
        text in class TextMarkupBase
        sText - - Text to be added.
      • attr

        public void attr​(TextAttr oAttr)
        Description copied from class: TextMarkupBase
        Change attributes in the rich text representation.

        Because the rich text representation is built up serially, this method sets the attributes for subsequent text, until called again.

        Specified by:
        attr in class TextMarkupBase
        oAttr - - Attributes to set. The implementation must honour enabled attributes and carry forward disabled ones.
      • embed

        public void embed​(TextEmbed poEmbed)
      • para

        public void para()
        Description copied from class: TextMarkupBase
        Output a paragraph break to the rich text representation.
        Specified by:
        para in class TextMarkupBase
      • reset

        public void reset()
      • suppressAttributes

        public boolean suppressAttributes()