Class AuditLogEntry

    • Constructor Detail

      • AuditLogEntry

        public AuditLogEntry​(String category,
                             Date time,
                             String userid,
                             String path,
                             String type,
                             Map<String,​Object> properties)
        Create a new AuditLogEntry.
        category - The category of the entry (required)
        time - The date of the action (required)
        userid - The userid (required)
        path - The path of the action (required)
        type - The action type (required)
        properties - A map of key value pairs (optional). All objects in the map must be serializable.
    • Method Detail

      • getTime

        public Date getTime()
        Return the date of the audit log entry.
      • getUserId

        public String getUserId()
        Returns the user id.
      • getPath

        public String getPath()
        The path.
        The path.
      • getType

        public String getType()
        Returns the type of this audit log entry (this depends on the category)
      • getCategory

        public String getCategory()
        Return the category for this log entry.
      • getProperties

        public Map<String,​Object> getProperties()
        This is an application specific property map.
        The map or null if not specified.