Interface RenditionPicker

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      • getRendition

        Rendition getRendition​(Asset asset)
        Returns the desired rendition Rendition if existing, otherwise null.

        Implementations are free to decide which rendition is chosen when this method is called.

        The rendition shall be searched for within the given Asset.

        Example implementation:

          public Resource getRendition(Asset asset) {
              // 1. try to get a web enabled rendition
              List<Resource> renditions = asset.getRenditions();
              for (Resource rendition: renditions) {
                  if (Text.getName(rendition.getPath()).startsWith("cq5dam.web.")) {
                      return rendition;
              // 2. return current rendition
              return asset.getCurrentOriginal();
        asset - The Asset within which to search the rendition.
        the desired rendition if existing, otherwise null