Class Scene7ConfigSetting

  • public class Scene7ConfigSetting
    extends Object
    A viewer configuration setting Return values and parameters are @NotNull by default.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Scene7ConfigSetting

        public Scene7ConfigSetting​(String name,
                                   @Nullable String value,
                                   @Nullable String handle)
        Create a new viewer preset
        name - name of the preset
        value - (optional) value of the preset
        handle - (optional) handle to the stored config
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        public String getName()
        Retrieve the name of the preset
        The preset name
      • getValue

        public @Nullable String getValue()
        Retrieve the value of the preset
        The preset value
      • getHandle

        public @Nullable String getHandle()
        Retrieve the handle to the stored configuration
        The optional handle value, might be null