Class FFMpegThumbnailProcess

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    @Properties(@Property(name="process.label",value="Create Video Thumbnails",propertyPrivate=true))
    public class FFMpegThumbnailProcess
    extends AbstractFFMpegProcess
    Workflow process that calls FFMPEG on the command line to create thumbnails of the image. You can specify the dimension of the thumbnails to be created

    For example, using the following workflow step arguments:


    Will create thumbnails of size 140x100 and 48x48 with a black letterbox/pillarbox

    This will only happen for assets having a video-based mime-type, others are ignored.

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      • FFMpegThumbnailProcess

        public FFMpegThumbnailProcess()
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        public java.lang.String[] buildArguments​(MetaDataMap metaData)