Class HCImporter

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    @Properties(@Property(name="service.description",value="Abstract HTTP based Importer"))
    public abstract class HCImporter
    extends Object
    implements Importer
    The HCImporter is an abstract implementation of the Importer service interface supporting access to data using the HTTP protocol.

    Extensions of this base class must implement the importData(String, InputStream, String, Resource) method to actually import the retrieved data.

    Instances of this base class must be initialized before being used and be destroyed when not used any more. If the extension is registered as an Declarative Services Component, this initialization and destroyal is being taken care of. Otherwise, the extension class must explicitly call the init() and destroy() methods respectively.

    The activate(ComponentContext) and deactivate(ComponentContext) methods may be overwritten by extension classes but the base class implementation must called in this case to ensure proper initialization and destroyal.