Interface UserResolver

  • public interface UserResolver
    cq 5.5
    Small Interface to register and retrieve a Service resolving the User associated to a Session. These is needed as Sessions do not require a User associated to it nor does the it's User-Id require to provide a unique / useful identifier. If there is a User with a Session depends on the Repository's Configuration. Thus there may be cases, where no User can be resolved for a valid Session.
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      • resolveUser

        User resolveUser​(Session session)
        Resolve the User based on a Session. The Session's user-Id is required to be the same as the string entered with the login. The relation of this ID to a User depends on the Login-Module. As this is out of the scope of CQ, there are cases where the Session's user-id is not the same as the User's id.
        session - to search user for it
        User or null if based on the Sessions User-ID can't be found