Interface SpellCheckerProvider

  • public interface SpellCheckerProvider
    The SpellCheckerProvider is a service providing instances of SpellChecker

    This interface can be implemented by implementors of the SpellChecker interface to generate instances for different languages.

    Services of this type are not intended for general consumption. These services are for use as the backend for the SpellCheckService.

    • Method Detail

      • createSpellChecker

        SpellChecker createSpellChecker​(java.lang.String language,
                                        java.lang.String[] dictionaryPaths,
                                        ResourceResolver resolver)
                                 throws SpellCheckException
        Creates a new spellchecker.
        language - Language/country to create spellchecker for
        dictionaryPaths - Locations to look for dictionaries. If this is null an internal default is being used.
        The spellchecker instance
        SpellCheckException - if a spellchecker could not be created for the desired language