Class PageManager.CopyOptions

    • Field Detail

      • page

        public Page page
        The page to copy (if resource is not provided).
      • resource

        public Resource resource
        The resource to copy
      • destination

        public String destination
        The destination
      • beforeName

        public String beforeName
        The name of the next page. If null the page is ordered at the end.
      • shallow

        public boolean shallow
        If true a non-recursive copy is performed.
      • resolveConflict

        public boolean resolveConflict
        If true resolves name conflict if destination already exists.
      • autoSave

        public boolean autoSave
        If true saves the modifications.
      • adjustReferences

        public boolean adjustReferences
        If true adjusts any content references to the new location.
    • Constructor Detail

      • CopyOptions

        public CopyOptions()