Interface PageVariantsProvider

  • public interface PageVariantsProvider
    Provides variants of a page based on cq:siteVariant nodes that link multiple sites together, that contain variants of the same content. The data provided by this service is usually used to build a list of elements in HTML pages, that can be used to provide website visitors with a way to switch between those site variants. See also
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      • getVariants

        java.util.List<PageVariant> getVariants​(Page page,
                                                SlingHttpServletRequest request)
        Returns a list of page variants to be used in the <head> section of a page in order to indicate alternate representations of the same content.
        page - the CQ Page
        request - the request, in case the sent selectors must be taken into consideration; otherwise this parameter can be null
        a list with the identified PageVariants or an empty list if none was found