Class MissingHTMLException

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    public class MissingHTMLException
    extends DesignImportException
    Exception to indicate the missing index.html entry in the design package.

    The design package must contain an index.html at archive root(This rule is configurable via OSGi configuration. Please refer to the CanvasPageBuilder OSGi components). In case the required HTML document is not found, this exception is raised.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • MissingHTMLException

        public MissingHTMLException()
      • MissingHTMLException

        public MissingHTMLException​(String message)
      • MissingHTMLException

        public MissingHTMLException​(Throwable cause)
      • MissingHTMLException

        public MissingHTMLException​(String message,
                                    Throwable cause)