Class ClientLibsBuilderImpl

  • public class ClientLibsBuilderImpl
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • ClientLibsBuilderImpl

        public ClientLibsBuilderImpl()
    • Method Detail

      • setDesignRoot

        public void setDesignRoot​(Node designRoot)
      • setFolderName

        public void setFolderName​(String folder)
      • setCategoryName

        public void setCategoryName​(String categoryName)
      • setHtmlContent

        public void setHtmlContent​(HTMLContent htmlContent)
      • setInlineScriptsFileName

        public void setInlineScriptsFileName​(String fileName)
      • setInlineStylesFileName

        public void setInlineStylesFileName​(String fileName)
      • setPotentialReferences

        public void setPotentialReferences​(ArrayList<String> potentialReferences)
      • getCopiedResources

        public Set<String> getCopiedResources()
        Returns the resources that were copied from the design node into the client library folder while building the client library.
        A set of paths relative to the design node