Interface FormStoreService

  • public interface FormStoreService
    Service that runs the Form Store action. This service runs the action in a secure way and uses a service user (see details below).
    • Method Detail

      • runFormStoreAction

        boolean runFormStoreAction​(SlingHttpServletRequest request,
                                   SlingHttpServletResponse response)
        Runs the Form Store action (defined at '/libs/foundation/components/form/actions/store') as follows: 1) If the request session has enough rights the data is stored with the request session. 2) Otherwise the service checks if the request session has the marker privilege 'cq:storeUGC'. If so, a service user is used to store the data.
        request - The Sling request
        response - The Sling response
        true if the data was stored, false otherwise