Interface ResourceNameRolloutConflictHandler

  • public interface ResourceNameRolloutConflictHandler
    This is a Service-Provider Interface. It is intended to implement how conflicts in the Resource names between a Blueprint Resource and a LiveCopy Resource are handled during a roll-out. Following is considered a conflict: A Resource exists for a name in Blueprint and in the LiveCopy. But the LiveCopy's Resource has not been created by a roll-out.
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      • handleNameConflict

        boolean handleNameConflict​(LiveRelationship conflictRelation,
                                   ResourceResolver resourceResolver,
                                   boolean isReset)
                            throws WCMException
        This method will be called in case a Resource to roll-out exists at same name in LiveCopy but is manually created. Which would block a Resource to inherit from its Blueprint.

        The implementation can request to roll-out the Blueprint Resource of the conflict after its call by returning true
        Returning false will not be considered a failure in conflict resolution. These must be indicated by exception.
        conflictRelation - the LiveRelationship that resulted in a name Conflict.
        resourceResolver - the ResourceResolver used for the conflicting roll-out
        isReset - if the roll-out was a reset
        true in case the handler desires the roll-out to happen after its actions / false if nothing should happen.
        WCMException - in case of failure to act.
        See Also:
        LiveStatus.getAdvancedStatus(String), MSMNameConstants.PARAM_IS_TARGET_MANUALLY_CREATED