Class RolloutManager.RolloutParams

  • Enclosing interface:

    public static class RolloutManager.RolloutParams
    extends Object
    Parameters for rollouts, with default values
    • Field Detail

      • master

        public Page master
        master page to rollout
      • source

        public Resource source
        source resource to rollout if master is null. If master value is not null, then master will be used for rollout.
      • isDeep

        public boolean isDeep
        if true, all child pages are updated too
      • targets

        public String[] targets
        path of lives copies to update, null to update all
      • paragraphs

        public String[] paragraphs
        if not null, (absolute) paths of paragraphs to roll out
      • reset

        public boolean reset
        if true, Live Copy is completely reset
      • delete

        public boolean delete
        deprecated: since 5.8 delete before roll-out
    • Constructor Detail

      • RolloutParams

        public RolloutParams()