Class AbsoluteTimeoutHandlerProxyImpl

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbsoluteTimeoutHandlerProxyImpl

        public AbsoluteTimeoutHandlerProxyImpl()
    • Method Detail

      • bindAbsoluteTimeoutHandler

        public void bindAbsoluteTimeoutHandler​(AbsoluteTimeoutHandler timeoutHandler)
      • unbindAbsoluteTimeoutHandler

        public void unbindAbsoluteTimeoutHandler​(AbsoluteTimeoutHandler timeoutHandler)
      • canExecute

        public boolean canExecute​(String handlerName)
      • getTimeoutDate

        public long getTimeoutDate​(WorkItem workItem)
      • findHandler

        public AbsoluteTimeoutHandler findHandler​(String handlerName)
        Description copied from interface: AbsoluteTimeoutHandlerProxy
        Returns a AbsoluteTimeoutHandler if this proxy can handle the request identified by the parameter.
        Specified by:
        findHandler in interface AbsoluteTimeoutHandlerProxy
        handlerName - name to identify the AbsoluteTimeoutHandler.
        an AbsoluteTimeoutHandler if this proxy can handle the provided name, null otherwise.