Class Metadata

  • public final class Metadata
    extends Object
    A top-level object that holds the metadata values extracted from an image.

    Metadata objects may contain zero or more Directory objects. Each directory may contain zero or more tags with corresponding values.

    • Constructor Detail

      • Metadata

        public Metadata()
    • Method Detail

      • getDirectories

        public Iterable<Directory> getDirectories()
        Returns an iterable set of the Directory instances contained in this metadata collection.
        an iterable set of directories
      • getDirectoryCount

        public int getDirectoryCount()
        Returns the count of directories in this metadata collection.
        the number of unique directory types set for this metadata collection
      • addDirectory

        public <T extends Directory> void addDirectory​(T directory)
        Adds a directory to this metadata collection.
        directory - the Directory to add into this metadata collection.
      • getFirstDirectoryOfType

        public <T extends Directory> T getFirstDirectoryOfType​(Class<T> type)
        Gets the first Directory of the specified type contained within this metadata collection. If no instances of this type are present, null is returned.
        Type Parameters:
        T - the Directory type
        type - the Directory type
        the first Directory of type T in this metadata collection, or null if none exist
      • containsDirectoryOfType

        public boolean containsDirectoryOfType​(Class<? extends Directory> type)
        Indicates whether an instance of the given directory type exists in this Metadata instance.
        type - the Directory type
        true if a Directory of the specified type exists, otherwise false
      • hasErrors

        public boolean hasErrors()
        Indicates whether any errors were reported during the reading of metadata values. This value will be true if Directory.hasErrors() is true for one of the contained Directory objects.
        whether one of the contained directories has an error