Class ObjectIdGenerators

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      static class  ObjectIdGenerators.IntSequenceGenerator
      Simple sequence-number based generator, which uses basic Java ints (starting with value 1) as Object Identifiers.
      static class  ObjectIdGenerators.None
      Abstract marker class used to allow explicitly specifying that no generator is used; which also implies that no Object Id is to be included or used.
      static class  ObjectIdGenerators.PropertyGenerator
      Abstract place-holder class which is used to denote case where Object Identifier to use comes from a POJO property (getter method or field).
      static class  ObjectIdGenerators.StringIdGenerator
      Implementation that will accept arbitrary (but unique) String Ids on deserialization, and (by default) use random UUID generation similar to ObjectIdGenerators.UUIDGenerator for generation ids.
      static class  ObjectIdGenerators.UUIDGenerator
      Implementation that just uses UUIDs as reliably unique identifiers: downside is that resulting String is 36 characters long.
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        public ObjectIdGenerators()