Class JsonProcessingException

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      • getLocation

        public JsonLocation getLocation()
        Description copied from class: JacksonException
        Accessor for location information related to position within input or output (depending on operation), if available; if not available may return null.

        Accuracy of location information depends on backend (format) as well as (in some cases) operation being performed.

        Specified by:
        getLocation in class JacksonException
        Location in input or output that triggered the problem reported, if available; null otherwise.
      • clearLocation

        public void clearLocation()
        Method that allows to remove context information from this exception's message. Useful when you are parsing security-sensitive data and don't want original data excerpts to be present in Jackson parser error messages.
      • getOriginalMessage

        public String getOriginalMessage()
        Method that allows accessing the original "message" argument, without additional decorations (like location information) that overridden getMessage() adds.
        Specified by:
        getOriginalMessage in class JacksonException
        Original message passed in constructor
      • getProcessor

        public Object getProcessor()
        Method that allows accessing underlying processor that triggered this exception; typically either JsonParser or JsonGenerator for exceptions that originate from streaming API. Note that it is possible that `null` may be returned if code throwing exception either has no access to processor; or has not been retrofitted to set it; this means that caller needs to take care to check for nulls. Subtypes override this method with co-variant return type, for more type-safe access.
        Specified by:
        getProcessor in class JacksonException
        Originating processor, if available; null if not.
      • getMessage

        public String getMessage()
        Default implementation overridden so that we can add location information
        getMessage in class Throwable
        Original message preceded by optional prefix and followed by location information, message and location information separated by a linefeed