Class VersionUtil

  • public class VersionUtil
    extends Object
    Functionality for supporting exposing of component Versions. Also contains other misc methods that have no other place to live in.

    Note that this class can be used in two roles: first, as a static utility class for loading purposes, and second, as a singleton loader of per-module version information.

    Note that method for accessing version information changed between versions 2.1 and 2.2; earlier code used file named "VERSION.txt"; but this has serious performance issues on some platforms (Android), so a replacement system was implemented to use class generation and dynamic class loading.

    Note that functionality for reading "VERSION.txt" was removed completely from Jackson 2.6.

    • Method Detail

      • versionFor

        public static Version versionFor​(Class<?> cls)
        Loads version information by introspecting a class named "PackageVersion" in the same package as the given class.

        If the class could not be found or does not have a public static Version field named "VERSION", returns "empty" Version returned by Version.unknownVersion().

        cls - Class for which to look version information
        Version information discovered if any; Version.unknownVersion() if none
      • mavenVersionFor

        public static Version mavenVersionFor​(ClassLoader cl,
                                              String groupId,
                                              String artifactId)
        Since 2.6: functionality not used by any official Jackson component, should be moved out if anyone needs it
        Will attempt to load the maven version for the given groupId and artifactId. Maven puts a file in META-INF/maven/groupId/artifactId, containing the groupId, artifactId and version of the library.
        cl - the ClassLoader to load the file from
        groupId - the groupId of the library
        artifactId - the artifactId of the library
        The version
      • parseVersion

        public static Version parseVersion​(String s,
                                           String groupId,
                                           String artifactId)
        Method used by PackageVersion classes to decode version injected by Maven build.
        s - Version String to parse
        groupId - Maven group id to include with version
        artifactId - Maven artifact id to include with version
        Version instance constructed from parsed components, if successful; Version.unknownVersion() if parsing of components fail
      • throwInternal

        public static final void throwInternal()