Class AbstractTypeResolver

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    public abstract class AbstractTypeResolver
    extends Object
    Defines interface for resolvers that can resolve abstract types into concrete ones; either by using static mappings, or possibly by materializing implementations dynamically.
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      • AbstractTypeResolver

        public AbstractTypeResolver()
    • Method Detail

      • findTypeMapping

        public JavaType findTypeMapping​(DeserializationConfig config,
                                        JavaType type)
        Try to locate a subtype for given abstract type, to either resolve to a concrete type, or at least to a more-specific (and hopefully supported) abstract type, one which may have registered deserializers. Method is called before trying to locate registered deserializers (as well as standard abstract type defaulting that core Jackson does), so it is typically implemented to add custom mappings of common abstract types (like specify which concrete implementation to use for binding Lists).

        Note that this method does not necessarily have to do full resolution of bindings; that is, it is legal to return type that could be further resolved: caller is expected to keep calling this method on registered resolvers, until a concrete type is located.

        config - Configuration in use
        type - Type to find mapping for
        Type to map given input type (if mapping found) or null (if not).
      • resolveAbstractType

        public JavaType resolveAbstractType​(DeserializationConfig config,
                                            BeanDescription typeDesc)
        Method called to try to resolve an abstract type into concrete type (usually for purposes of deserializing), when no concrete implementation was found. It will be called after checking all other possibilities, including defaulting.
        config - Configuration in use
        typeDesc - Description of the POJO type to resolve
        Resolved concrete type (which should retain generic type parameters of input type, if any), if resolution succeeds; null if resolver does not know how to resolve given type