Class MappingJsonFactory

    • Constructor Detail

      • MappingJsonFactory

        public MappingJsonFactory()
      • MappingJsonFactory

        public MappingJsonFactory​(ObjectMapper mapper)
    • Method Detail

      • getCodec

        public final ObjectMapper getCodec()
        We'll override the method to return more specific type; co-variance helps here
        getCodec in class JsonFactory
      • copy

        public JsonFactory copy()
        Description copied from class: JsonFactory
        Method for constructing a new JsonFactory that has the same settings as this instance, but is otherwise independent (i.e. nothing is actually shared, symbol tables are separate). Note that ObjectCodec reference is not copied but is set to null; caller typically needs to set it after calling this method. Reason for this is that the codec is used for callbacks, and assumption is that there is strict 1-to-1 mapping between codec, factory. Caller has to, then, explicitly set codec after making the copy.
        copy in class JsonFactory
        Copy of this factory instance
      • getFormatName

        public String getFormatName()
        Sub-classes need to override this method
        getFormatName in class JsonFactory
        Name of the format handled by parsers, generators this factory creates