Class PropertyNamingStrategies.UpperCamelCaseStrategy

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    public static class PropertyNamingStrategies.UpperCamelCaseStrategy
    extends PropertyNamingStrategies.NamingBase
    A PropertyNamingStrategy that translates typical camelCase Java property names to PascalCase JSON element names (i.e., with a capital first letter). In particular, the following translations are applied by this PropertyNamingStrategy.
    • The first lower-case letter in the Java property name is translated into its equivalent upper-case representation.
    This rules result in the following example translation from Java property names to JSON element names.
    • "userName" is translated to "UserName"
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      • UpperCamelCaseStrategy

        public UpperCamelCaseStrategy()
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        public String translate​(String input)
        Converts camelCase to PascalCase For example, "userName" would be converted to "UserName".
        Specified by:
        translate in class PropertyNamingStrategies.NamingBase
        input - formatted as camelCase string
        input converted to PascalCase format