Class CoreXMLDeserializers

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    public class CoreXMLDeserializers
    extends Deserializers.Base
    Container deserializers that handle "core" XML types: ones included in standard JDK 1.5. Types are directly needed by JAXB, but may be unavailable on some limited platforms; hence separate out from basic deserializer factory.
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      • CoreXMLDeserializers

        public CoreXMLDeserializers()
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      • findBeanDeserializer

        public JsonDeserializer<?> findBeanDeserializer​(JavaType type,
                                                        DeserializationConfig config,
                                                        BeanDescription beanDesc)
        Description copied from interface: Deserializers
        Method called to locate deserializer for specified value type which does not belong to any other category (not an Enum, Collection, Map, Array, reference value or tree node)
        Specified by:
        findBeanDeserializer in interface Deserializers
        findBeanDeserializer in class Deserializers.Base
        type - Bean type to deserialize
        config - Configuration in effect
        beanDesc - Definition of the enumeration type that contains class annotations and other information typically needed for building deserializers
        Deserializer to use for the type; or null if this provider does not know how to construct it
      • hasDeserializerFor

        public boolean hasDeserializerFor​(DeserializationConfig config,
                                          java.lang.Class<?> valueType)
        Description copied from interface: Deserializers
        Method that may be called to check whether this deserializer provider would provide deserializer for values of given type, without attempting to construct (and possibly fail in some cases) actual deserializer. Mostly needed to support validation of polymorphic type ids.

        Note: implementations should take care NOT to claim supporting types that they do not recognize as this could to incorrect assumption of safe support by caller.

        Method added in Jackson 2.13 now that Java 8 default implementations are available for use with interface definitions.