Class ClassNameIdResolver

    • Method Detail

      • getMechanism

        public JsonTypeInfo.Id getMechanism()
        Description copied from interface: TypeIdResolver
        Accessor for mechanism that this resolver uses for determining type id from type. Mostly informational; not required to be called or used.
      • registerSubtype

        public void registerSubtype​(java.lang.Class<?> type,
                                    java.lang.String name)
      • idFromValue

        public java.lang.String idFromValue​(java.lang.Object value)
        Description copied from interface: TypeIdResolver
        Method called to serialize type of the type of given value as a String to include in serialized JSON content.
      • idFromValueAndType

        public java.lang.String idFromValueAndType​(java.lang.Object value,
                                                   java.lang.Class<?> type)
        Description copied from interface: TypeIdResolver
        Alternative method used for determining type from combination of value and type, using suggested type (that serializer provides) and possibly value of that type. Most common implementation will use suggested type as is.