Class TypeIdResolverBase

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      • init

        public void init​(JavaType bt)
        Description copied from interface: TypeIdResolver
        Method that will be called once before any type resolution calls; used to initialize instance with configuration. This is necessary since instances may be created via reflection, without ability to call specific constructor to pass in configuration settings.
        Specified by:
        init in interface TypeIdResolver
        bt - Base type for which this id resolver instance is used
      • idFromBaseType

        public String idFromBaseType()
        Description copied from interface: TypeIdResolver
        Method that can be called to figure out type id to use for instances of base type (declared type of property). This is usually only used for fallback handling, for cases where real type information is not available for some reason.
        Specified by:
        idFromBaseType in interface TypeIdResolver
      • getDescForKnownTypeIds

        public String getDescForKnownTypeIds()
        Helper method used to get a simple description of all known type ids, for use in error messages.
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        getDescForKnownTypeIds in interface TypeIdResolver