Class StdKeySerializers

  • public abstract class StdKeySerializers
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • StdKeySerializers

        public StdKeySerializers()
    • Method Detail

      • getStdKeySerializer

        public static JsonSerializer<Object> getStdKeySerializer​(SerializationConfig config,
                                                                 Class<?> rawKeyType,
                                                                 boolean useDefault)
        config - Serialization configuration in use, may be needed in choosing serializer to use
        rawKeyType - Type of key values to serialize
        useDefault - If no match is found, should we return fallback deserializer (true), or null (false)?
      • getFallbackKeySerializer

        public static JsonSerializer<Object> getFallbackKeySerializer​(SerializationConfig config,
                                                                      Class<?> rawKeyType)
        Method called if no specified key serializer was located; will return a "default" key serializer.