Class ClassStack

  • public final class ClassStack
    extends Object
    Simple helper class used to keep track of 'call stack' for classes being referenced (as well as unbound variables)
    • Constructor Detail

      • ClassStack

        public ClassStack​(Class<?> rootType)
    • Method Detail

      • child

        public ClassStack child​(Class<?> cls)
        New stack frame, if addition is ok; null if not
      • addSelfReference

        public void addSelfReference​(ResolvedRecursiveType ref)
        Method called to indicate that there is a self-reference from deeper down in stack pointing into type this stack frame represents.
      • resolveSelfReferences

        public void resolveSelfReferences​(JavaType resolved)
        Method called when type that this stack frame represents is fully resolved, allowing self-references to be completed (if there are any)