Interface Formatter

  • public interface Formatter

    Format a variable to something else. Useful for date/long conversion. etc.. A formatter is applied on simple mustache/handlebars expression, like: {{var}}, but not in block expression.


     Handlebars hbs = new Handlebars();
     hbs.with(new Formatter() {
       public Object format(Object value, Chain next) {
        if (value instanceof Date) {
          return ((Date) value).getTime();
        return next.format(value);
    • Method Detail

      • format

        Object format​(Object value,
                      Formatter.Chain next)
        Format a value if possible or call next formatter in the chain.
        value - A value to format, or pass it to the next formatter in the chain.
        next - Point to the next formatter in the chain.
        A formatted value, not null.