Class CharEscaper

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    public abstract class CharEscaper
    extends Escaper
    An object that converts literal text into a format safe for inclusion in a particular context (such as an XML document). Typically (but not always), the inverse process of "unescaping" the text is performed automatically by the relevant parser.

    For example, an XML escaper would convert the literal string "Foo<Bar>" into "Foo&lt;Bar&gt;" to prevent "<Bar>" from being confused with an XML tag. When the resulting XML document is parsed, the parser API will return this text as the original literal string "Foo<Bar>".

    A CharEscaper instance is required to be stateless, and safe when used concurrently by multiple threads.

    Several popular escapers are defined as constants in classes like HtmlEscapers, XmlEscapers, and SourceCodeEscapers. To create your own escapers extend this class and implement the escape(char) method.

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      • escape

        public String escape​(String string)
        Returns the escaped form of a given literal string.
        Specified by:
        escape in class Escaper
        string - the literal string to be escaped
        the escaped form of string
        NullPointerException - if string is null