Class UncheckedExecutionException

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    public class UncheckedExecutionException
    extends RuntimeException
    Unchecked variant of ExecutionException. As with ExecutionException, the exception's cause comes from a failed task, possibly run in another thread.

    UncheckedExecutionException is intended as an alternative to ExecutionException when the exception thrown by a task is an unchecked exception. However, it may also wrap a checked exception in some cases.

    When wrapping an Error from another thread, prefer ExecutionError. When wrapping a checked exception, prefer ExecutionException.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • UncheckedExecutionException

        public UncheckedExecutionException​(@Nullable
                                           String message,
                                           Throwable cause)
        Creates a new instance with the given detail message and cause.
      • UncheckedExecutionException

        public UncheckedExecutionException​(@Nullable
                                           Throwable cause)
        Creates a new instance with the given cause.