Class MappedFieldNameValidator

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    public class MappedFieldNameValidator
    extends Object
    implements FieldNameValidator
    Usage of this API is not supported in AEM as a Cloud Service.
    A field name validator that serves as a root validator for a map of validators that are applied to child fields. Note that instances of this class can be nested to achieve a wide variety of validation behaviors.

    This class should not be considered a part of the public API.

    • Constructor Detail

      • MappedFieldNameValidator

        public MappedFieldNameValidator​(FieldNameValidator defaultValidator,
                                        Map<String,​FieldNameValidator> fieldNameToValidatorMap)
        The default validator will be use to validate all fields whose names are not contained int the fieldNameToValidator map. The map is used to apply different validators to fields with specific names.
        defaultValidator - the validator to use for any fields not matching any field name in the map
        fieldNameToValidatorMap - a map from field name to FieldNameValidator
    • Method Detail

      • validate

        public boolean validate​(String fieldName)
        Description copied from interface: FieldNameValidator
        Returns true if the field name is valid, false otherwise.
        Specified by:
        validate in interface FieldNameValidator
        fieldName - the field name
        true if the field name is valid, false otherwise