Class SMTPMessage

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    MimePart, Part

    public class SMTPMessage
    extends MimeMessage
    This class is a specialization of the MimeMessage class that allows you to specify various SMTP options and parameters that will be used when this message is sent over SMTP. Simply use this class instead of MimeMessage and set SMTP options using the methods on this class.

    See the com.sun.mail.smtp package documentation for further information on the SMTP protocol provider.

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        public static final int NOTIFY_NEVER
        Never notify of delivery status
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final int NOTIFY_SUCCESS
        Notify of delivery success
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final int NOTIFY_FAILURE
        Notify of delivery failure
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final int NOTIFY_DELAY
        Notify of delivery delay
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final int RETURN_FULL
        Return full message with delivery status notification
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final int RETURN_HDRS
        Return only message headers with delivery status notification
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    • Constructor Detail

      • SMTPMessage

        public SMTPMessage​(Session session)
        Default constructor. An empty message object is created. The headers field is set to an empty InternetHeaders object. The flags field is set to an empty Flags object. The modified flag is set to true.
        session - the Session
      • SMTPMessage

        public SMTPMessage​(Session session,
                    throws MessagingException
        Constructs an SMTPMessage by reading and parsing the data from the specified MIME InputStream. The InputStream will be left positioned at the end of the data for the message. Note that the input stream parse is done within this constructor itself.
        session - Session object for this message
        is - the message input stream
        MessagingException - for failures
      • SMTPMessage

        public SMTPMessage​(MimeMessage source)
                    throws MessagingException
        Constructs a new SMTPMessage with content initialized from the source MimeMessage. The new message is independent of the original.

        Note: The current implementation is rather inefficient, copying the data more times than strictly necessary.

        source - the message to copy content from
        MessagingException - for failures
    • Method Detail

      • setEnvelopeFrom

        public void setEnvelopeFrom​(java.lang.String from)
        Set the From address to appear in the SMTP envelope. Note that this is different than the From address that appears in the message itself. The envelope From address is typically used when reporting errors. See RFC 821 for details.

        If set, overrides the mail.smtp.from property.

        from - the envelope From address
      • getEnvelopeFrom

        public java.lang.String getEnvelopeFrom()
        Return the envelope From address.
        the envelope From address, or null if not set
      • setNotifyOptions

        public void setNotifyOptions​(int options)
        Set notification options to be used if the server supports Delivery Status Notification (RFC 1891). Either NOTIFY_NEVER or some combination of NOTIFY_SUCCESS, NOTIFY_FAILURE, and NOTIFY_DELAY.

        If set, overrides the mail.smtp.dsn.notify property.

        options - notification options
      • getNotifyOptions

        public int getNotifyOptions()
        Get notification options. Returns zero if no options set.
        notification options
      • setReturnOption

        public void setReturnOption​(int option)
        Set return option to be used if server supports Delivery Status Notification (RFC 1891). Either RETURN_FULL or RETURN_HDRS.

        If set, overrides the mail.smtp.dsn.ret property.

        option - return option
      • getReturnOption

        public int getReturnOption()
        Return return option. Returns zero if no option set.
        return option
      • setAllow8bitMIME

        public void setAllow8bitMIME​(boolean allow)
        If set to true, and the server supports the 8BITMIME extension, text parts of this message that use the "quoted-printable" or "base64" encodings are converted to use "8bit" encoding if they follow the RFC 2045 rules for 8bit text.

        If true, overrides the mail.smtp.allow8bitmime property.

        allow - allow 8-bit flag
      • getAllow8bitMIME

        public boolean getAllow8bitMIME()
        Is use of the 8BITMIME extension is allowed?
        allow 8-bit flag
      • setSendPartial

        public void setSendPartial​(boolean partial)
        If set to true, and this message has some valid and some invalid addresses, send the message anyway, reporting the partial failure with a SendFailedException. If set to false (the default), the message is not sent to any of the recipients if there is an invalid recipient address.

        If true, overrides the mail.smtp.sendpartial property.

        partial - send partial flag
      • getSendPartial

        public boolean getSendPartial()
        Send message if some addresses are invalid?
        send partial flag
      • getSubmitter

        public java.lang.String getSubmitter()
        Gets the submitter to be used for the RFC 2554 AUTH= value in the MAIL FROM command.
        the name of the submitter.
      • setSubmitter

        public void setSubmitter​(java.lang.String submitter)
        Sets the submitter to be used for the RFC 2554 AUTH= value in the MAIL FROM command. Normally only used by a server that's relaying a message. Clients will typically not set a submitter. See RFC 2554 for details.
        submitter - the name of the submitter
      • getMailExtension

        public java.lang.String getMailExtension()
        Gets the extension string to use with the MAIL command.
        the extension string
        JavaMail 1.3.2
      • setMailExtension

        public void setMailExtension​(java.lang.String extension)
        Set the extension string to use with the MAIL command. The extension string can be used to specify standard SMTP service extensions as well as vendor-specific extensions. Typically the application should use the SMTPTransport method supportsExtension to verify that the server supports the desired service extension. See RFC 1869 and other RFCs that define specific extensions.

        For example:

         if (smtpTransport.supportsExtension("DELIVERBY"))
        extension - the extension string
        JavaMail 1.3.2