Class SMTPSendFailedException

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    public class SMTPSendFailedException
    extends SendFailedException
    This exception is thrown when the message cannot be sent.

    This exception will usually appear first in a chained list of exceptions, followed by SMTPAddressFailedExceptions and/or SMTPAddressSucceededExceptions, * one per address. This exception corresponds to one of the SMTP commands used to send a message, such as the MAIL, DATA, and "end of data" commands, but not including the RCPT command.

    JavaMail 1.3.2
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    • Constructor Detail

      • SMTPSendFailedException

        public SMTPSendFailedException​(java.lang.String cmd,
                                       int rc,
                                       java.lang.String err,
                                       java.lang.Exception ex,
                                       Address[] vs,
                                       Address[] vus,
                                       Address[] inv)
        Constructs an SMTPSendFailedException with the specified address, return code, and error string.
        cmd - the command that was sent to the SMTP server
        rc - the SMTP return code indicating the failure
        err - the error string from the SMTP server
        ex - a chained exception
        vs - the valid addresses the message was sent to
        vus - the valid addresses the message was not sent to
        inv - the invalid addresses
    • Method Detail

      • getCommand

        public java.lang.String getCommand()
        Return the command that failed.
        the command
      • getReturnCode

        public int getReturnCode()
        Return the return code from the SMTP server that indicates the reason for the failure. See RFC 821 for interpretation of the return code.
        the return code