Class LineInputStream

  • All Implemented Interfaces:, java.lang.AutoCloseable

    public class LineInputStream
    This class is to support reading CRLF terminated lines that contain only US-ASCII characters from an input stream. Provides functionality that is similar to the deprecated DataInputStream.readLine(). Expected use is to read lines as String objects from a RFC822 stream. It is implemented as a FilterInputStream, so one can just wrap this class around any input stream and read bytes from this filter.
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      LineInputStream​( in)  
      LineInputStream​( in, boolean allowutf8)  
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      java.lang.String readLine()
      Read a line containing only ASCII characters from the input stream.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • LineInputStream

        public LineInputStream​( in)
      • LineInputStream

        public LineInputStream​( in,
                               boolean allowutf8)
        in - the InputStream
        allowutf8 - allow UTF-8 characters?
        JavaMail 1.6
    • Method Detail

      • readLine

        public java.lang.String readLine()
        Read a line containing only ASCII characters from the input stream. A line is terminated by a CR or NL or CR-NL sequence. A common error is a CR-CR-NL sequence, which will also terminate a line. The line terminator is not returned as part of the returned String. Returns null if no data is available.

        This class is similar to the deprecated DataInputStream.readLine()

        the line
        Throws: - for I/O errors