Class QDecoderStream

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Closeable, AutoCloseable

    public class QDecoderStream
    extends QPDecoderStream
    This class implements a Q Decoder as defined in RFC 2047 for decoding MIME headers. It subclasses the QPDecoderStream class.
    • Constructor Detail

      • QDecoderStream

        public QDecoderStream​(InputStream in)
        Create a Q-decoder that decodes the specified input stream.
        in - the input stream
    • Method Detail

      • read

        public int read()
                 throws IOException
        Read the next decoded byte from this input stream. The byte is returned as an int in the range 0 to 255. If no byte is available because the end of the stream has been reached, the value -1 is returned. This method blocks until input data is available, the end of the stream is detected, or an exception is thrown.
        read in class QPDecoderStream
        the next byte of data, or -1 if the end of the stream is reached.
        IOException - if an I/O error occurs.