Interface Column

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    public interface Column
    Defines a column to include in the tabular view of query results.

    If property is not specified, a column is included for each single-valued non-residual property of the node type specified by the nodeType attribute of selector.

    If property is specified, columnName is required and used to name the column in the tabular results. If property is not specified, columnName must not be specified, and the included columns will be named "selector.propertyName".

    JCR 2.0
    • Method Detail

      • getSelectorName

        java.lang.String getSelectorName()
        Gets the name of the selector.
        the selector name; non-null
      • getPropertyName

        java.lang.String getPropertyName()
        Gets the name of the property.
        the property name, or null to include a column for each single-value non-residual property of the selector's node type
      • getColumnName

        java.lang.String getColumnName()
        Gets the column name.

        the column name; must be null if getPropertyName is null and non-null otherwise