Interface JspApplicationContext

  • public interface JspApplicationContext

    Stores application-scoped information for the JSP container.

    • Method Detail

      • addELContextListener

        void addELContextListener​(ELContextListener listener)
        Registers an ELContextListener that will be notified whenever a new ELContext is created.

        At the very least, any ELContext instantiated will have reference to the JspContext under JspContext.class.

        listener - The listener to add
      • addELResolver

        void addELResolver​(ELResolver resolver)
                    throws IllegalStateException

        Adds an ELResolver to the chain of EL variable and property management within JSP pages and Tag files.

        JSP has a default set of ELResolvers to chain for all EL evaluation:

        • ImplicitObjectELResolver
        • ELResolver instances registered with this method
        • MapELResolver
        • ListELResolver
        • ArrayELResolver
        • BeanELResolver
        • ScopedAttributeELResolver
        resolver - an additional resolver
        IllegalStateException - if called after the application's ServletContextListeners have been initialized.
      • getExpressionFactory

        ExpressionFactory getExpressionFactory()

        Returns the JSP container's ExpressionFactory implementation for EL use.

        an ExpressionFactory implementation