Interface SQLExecutionTag

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    QueryTag, QueryTagSupport, UpdateTag, UpdateTagSupport

    public interface SQLExecutionTag

    This interface allows tag handlers implementing it to receive values for parameter markers in their SQL statements.

    This interface is implemented by both <sql:query> and <sql:update>. Its addSQLParameter() method is called by nested parameter actions (such as <sql:param>) to substitute PreparedStatement parameter values for "?" parameter markers in the SQL statement of the enclosing SQLExecutionTag action.

    The given parameter values are converted to their corresponding SQL type (following the rules in the JDBC specification) before they are sent to the database.

    Keeping track of the index of the parameter values being added is the responsibility of the tag handler implementing this interface

    The SQLExcecutionTag interface is exposed in order to support custom parameter actions which may retrieve their parameters from any source and process them before substituting them for a parameter marker in the SQL statement of the enclosing SQLExecutionTag action

    • Method Detail

      • addSQLParameter

        void addSQLParameter​(java.lang.Object value)
        Adds a PreparedStatement parameter value. Must behave as if it calls PreparedStatement.setObject(int, Object). For each tag invocation, the integral index passed logically to setObject() must begin with 1 and must be incremented by 1 for each subsequent invocation of addSQLParameter(). The Object logically passed to setObject() must be the unmodified object received in the value argument.
        value - the PreparedStatement parameter value