Class QNModelReader

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      • constructModel

        public QNModel constructModel()
                               throws IOException
        Description copied from class: GISModelReader
        Retrieve a model from disk. It assumes that models are saved in the following sequence:
        GIS (model type identifier)
        1. # of parameters (int)
        2. the correction constant (int)
        3. the correction constant parameter (double)
        4. # of outcomes (int)
        * list of outcome names (String)
        5. # of different types of outcome patterns (int)
        * list of (int int[])
        [# of predicates for which outcome pattern is true] [outcome pattern]
        6. # of predicates (int)
        * list of predicate names (String)

        If you are creating a reader for a format which won't work with this (perhaps a database or xml file), override this method and ignore the other methods provided in this abstract class.

        constructModel in class GISModelReader
        The GISModel stored in the format and location specified to this GISModelReader (usually via its the constructor).