Class PerceptronModelReader

    • Constructor Detail

      • PerceptronModelReader

        public PerceptronModelReader​( file)
      • PerceptronModelReader

        public PerceptronModelReader​(DataReader dataReader)
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      • constructModel

        public AbstractModel constructModel()
        Retrieve a model from disk. It assumes that models are saved in the following sequence:
        Perceptron (model type identifier)
        1. # of parameters (int)
        2. # of outcomes (int)
        * list of outcome names (String)
        3. # of different types of outcome patterns (int)
        * list of (int int[])
        [# of predicates for which outcome pattern is true] [outcome pattern]
        4. # of predicates (int)
        * list of predicate names (String)

        If you are creating a reader for a format which won't work with this (perhaps a database or xml file), override this method and ignore the other methods provided in this abstract class.

        Specified by:
        constructModel in class AbstractModelReader
        The PerceptronModel stored in the format and location specified to this PerceptronModelReader (usually via its the constructor).