Class FeatureGeneratorUtil

  • public class FeatureGeneratorUtil
    extends java.lang.Object
    This class provide common utilities for feature generation.
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      static java.lang.String tokenFeature​(java.lang.String token)
      Generates a class name for the specified token.
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      • FeatureGeneratorUtil

        public FeatureGeneratorUtil()
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      • tokenFeature

        public static java.lang.String tokenFeature​(java.lang.String token)
        Generates a class name for the specified token. The classes are as follows where the first matching class is used:
        • jah - Japanese Hiragana
        • jak - Japanese Katakana
        • lc - lowercase alphabetic
        • 2d - two digits
        • 4d - four digits
        • an - alpha-numeric
        • dd - digits and dashes
        • ds - digits and slashes
        • dc - digits and commas
        • dp - digits and periods
        • num - digits
        • sc - single capital letter
        • ac - all capital letters
        • ic - initial capital letter
        • other - other
        token - A token or word.
        The class name that the specified token belongs in.