Interface NamedParser

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    NamedItem, Parser
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    public interface NamedParser
    extends Parser, NamedItem
    This API is deprecated as Apache Abdera is a retired project since 2017.
    Abdera's abstract parsing model allows developers to implement parsers capable of translating non-Atom formats into Abdera objects. For instance, a developer could create an RDF, RSS, JSON or hAtom microformat parser that automatically converted to Atom. Alternative parsers are made available via the ParserFactory interface.
        Parser parser = abdera.getParserFactory().getParser("json");
        Document<Feed> doc = parser.parse(...);
        Parser parser = abdera.getParserFactory().getParser("hatom");
        Document<Feed> doc = parser.parse(...);
    • Method Detail

      • getInputFormats

        java.lang.String[] getInputFormats()
        Returns a listing of media type of the format consumed by this parser
        An array of MIME Media Types
      • parsesFormat

        boolean parsesFormat​(java.lang.String mediatype)
        Returns true if this parser is capable of consuming the specified media type
        mediatype - The MIME media type to check
        True if the media type is supported