Class UnboundedFifoBuffer

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Iterable, Collection, Buffer

    public class UnboundedFifoBuffer
    extends AbstractCollection
    implements Buffer
    Moved to buffer subpackage. Due to be removed in v4.0.
    UnboundedFifoBuffer is a very efficient buffer implementation. According to performance testing, it exhibits a constant access time, but it also outperforms ArrayList when used for the same purpose.

    The removal order of an UnboundedFifoBuffer is based on the insertion order; elements are removed in the same order in which they were added. The iteration order is the same as the removal order.

    The remove() and get() operations perform in constant time. The add(Object) operation performs in amortized constant time. All other operations perform in linear time or worse.

    Note that this implementation is not synchronized. The following can be used to provide synchronized access to your UnboundedFifoBuffer:

        Buffer fifo = BufferUtils.synchronizedBuffer(new UnboundedFifoBuffer());

    This buffer prevents null objects from being added.

    Commons Collections 2.1
    • Constructor Detail

      • UnboundedFifoBuffer

        public UnboundedFifoBuffer()
        Constructs an UnboundedFifoBuffer with the default number of elements. It is exactly the same as performing the following:
           new UnboundedFifoBuffer(32);
      • UnboundedFifoBuffer

        public UnboundedFifoBuffer​(int initialSize)
        Constructs an UnboundedFifoBuffer with the specified number of elements. The integer must be a positive integer.
        initialSize - the initial size of the buffer
        IllegalArgumentException - if the size is less than 1