Class PrototypeFactory

  • @Deprecated(since="2021-04-30")
    public class PrototypeFactory
    extends Object
    Commons Collections 3 is in maintenance mode. Commons Collections 4 should be used instead.
    Factory implementation that creates a new instance each time based on a prototype.
    Commons Collections 3.0
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      • getInstance

        public static Factory getInstance​(Object prototype)
        Factory method that performs validation.

        Creates a Factory that will return a clone of the same prototype object each time the factory is used. The prototype will be cloned using one of these techniques (in order):

        • public clone method
        • public copy constructor
        • serialization clone

            WARNING: from v3.2.2 onwards this method will return a Factory that will throw an UnsupportedOperationException when trying to serialize or de-serialize it to prevent potential remote code execution exploits.

            In order to re-enable serialization support the following system property can be used (via -Dproperty=true):

        prototype - the object to clone each time in the factory
        the prototype factory
        IllegalArgumentException - if the prototype is null
        IllegalArgumentException - if the prototype cannot be cloned