Class FixedSizeSortedMap

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Map, SortedMap, BoundedMap

    public class FixedSizeSortedMap
    extends AbstractSortedMapDecorator
    implements SortedMap, BoundedMap, Serializable
    Commons Collections 3 is in maintenance mode. Commons Collections 4 should be used instead.
    Decorates another SortedMap to fix the size blocking add/remove.

    Any action that would change the size of the map is disallowed. The put method is allowed to change the value associated with an existing key however.

    If trying to remove or clear the map, an UnsupportedOperationException is thrown. If trying to put a new mapping into the map, an IllegalArgumentException is thrown. This is because the put method can succeed if the mapping's key already exists in the map, so the put method is not always unsupported.

    Note that FixedSizeSortedMap is not synchronized and is not thread-safe. If you wish to use this map from multiple threads concurrently, you must use appropriate synchronization. The simplest approach is to wrap this map using Collections.synchronizedSortedMap(java.util.SortedMap<K, V>). This class may throw exceptions when accessed by concurrent threads without synchronization.

    This class is Serializable from Commons Collections 3.1.

    Commons Collections 3.0
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