Interface CompositeSet.SetMutator

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    public static interface CompositeSet.SetMutator
    extends CompositeCollection.CollectionMutator
    Commons Collections 3 is in maintenance mode. Commons Collections 4 should be used instead.
    Define callbacks for mutation operations.

    Defining remove() on implementations of SetMutator is pointless as they are never called by CompositeSet.

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      • resolveCollision

        void resolveCollision​(CompositeSet comp,
                              java.util.Set existing,
                              java.util.Set added,
                              java.util.Collection intersects)

        Called when a Set is added to the CompositeSet and there is a collision between existing and added sets.

        If added and existing still have any intersects after this method returns an IllegalArgumentException will be thrown.

        comp - The CompositeSet being modified
        existing - The Set already existing in the composite
        added - the Set being added to the composite
        intersects - the intersection of th existing and added sets