Class HttpURLConnection

  • @Deprecated
    public class HttpURLConnection
    extends HttpURLConnection
    Jakarta Commons HttpClient 3.x is deprecated in the Jenkins project. It is not recommended to use it in any new code. Instead, use HTTP client API plugins as a dependency in your code. E.g. Apache HttpComponents Client API 4.x Plugin or Async HTTP Client Plugin.
    Provides a HttpURLConnection wrapper around HttpClient's HttpMethod. This allows existing code to easily switch to HttpClieht without breaking existing interfaces using the JDK HttpURLConnection. Note 1: The current implementations wraps only a connected HttpMethod, ie a method that has alreayd been used to connect to an HTTP server. Note 2: It is a best try effort as different version of the JDK have different behaviours for HttpURLConnection (And I'm not even including the numerous HttpURLConnection bugs!).