Class SimpleEstimationProblem

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    public class SimpleEstimationProblem
    extends Object
    implements EstimationProblem
    as of 2.0, everything in package org.apache.commons.math.estimation has been deprecated and replaced by package org.apache.commons.math.optimization.general
    Simple implementation of the EstimationProblem interface for boilerplate data handling.

    This class only handles parameters and measurements storage and unbound parameters filtering. It does not compute anything by itself. It should either be used with measurements implementation that are smart enough to know about the various parameters in order to compute the partial derivatives appropriately. Since the problem-specific logic is mainly related to the various measurements models, the simplest way to use this class is by extending it and using one internal class extending WeightedMeasurement for each measurement type. The instances of the internal classes would have access to the various parameters and their current estimate.