Class StepNormalizer

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    public class StepNormalizer
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements StepHandler
    This class wraps an object implementing FixedStepHandler into a StepHandler.

    This wrapper allows to use fixed step handlers with general integrators which cannot guaranty their integration steps will remain constant and therefore only accept general step handlers.

    The stepsize used is selected at construction time. The handleStep method of the underlying FixedStepHandler object is called at the beginning time of the integration t0 and also at times t0+h, t0+2h, ... If the integration range is an integer multiple of the stepsize, then the last point handled will be the endpoint of the integration tend, if not, the last point will belong to the interval [tend - h ; tend].

    There is no constraint on the integrator, it can use any timestep it needs (time steps longer or shorter than the fixed time step and non-integer ratios are all allowed).

    See Also:
    StepHandler, FixedStepHandler
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      void handleStep​(StepInterpolator interpolator, boolean isLast)
      Handle the last accepted step
      boolean requiresDenseOutput()
      Determines whether this handler needs dense output.
      void reset()
      Reset the step handler.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • StepNormalizer

        public StepNormalizer​(double h,
                              FixedStepHandler handler)
        Simple constructor.
        h - fixed time step (sign is not used)
        handler - fixed time step handler to wrap
    • Method Detail

      • requiresDenseOutput

        public boolean requiresDenseOutput()
        Determines whether this handler needs dense output. This handler needs dense output in order to provide data at regularly spaced steps regardless of the steps the integrator uses, so this method always returns true.
        Specified by:
        requiresDenseOutput in interface StepHandler
        always true
      • reset

        public void reset()
        Reset the step handler. Initialize the internal data as required before the first step is handled.
        Specified by:
        reset in interface StepHandler
      • handleStep

        public void handleStep​(StepInterpolator interpolator,
                               boolean isLast)
                        throws DerivativeException
        Handle the last accepted step
        Specified by:
        handleStep in interface StepHandler
        interpolator - interpolator for the last accepted step. For efficiency purposes, the various integrators reuse the same object on each call, so if the instance wants to keep it across all calls (for example to provide at the end of the integration a continuous model valid throughout the integration range), it should build a local copy using the clone method and store this copy.
        isLast - true if the step is the last one
        DerivativeException - this exception is propagated to the caller if the underlying user function triggers one